Full Stack Developer: Once upon a time I used to be afraid of computers, then I got over it. There is something facinating about computers. Over the years I have invested time playing with different technologies and learning all the cool things you can do gaining a detailed / general perspective of how things work. These days I focus most of my “computer” time programming. Sometimes I publish to my GitHub page.

Photographer: I picked up a camera and just kept with it. Photographing people and my dog with a mix of randomness. Check out some of my personal work at photojose.com. I also have a headshot photography business at joeheadshots.com.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt: I wandered onto the mat and was hooked. It does not matter who you are, how much money you have, where you come from, everyone has to start in the same place and earn their rank. Small people defeat large people. Everyone can learn the skills needed but you have to stick around and do the work. There are no shortcuts, like everything else in life you have to do the work.

José Juárez

That’s me in the picture